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Nov 14, 2013 12:30pm PST
the environmental report this is your chance to address us. i have several cards >> (calling names). >> thank you for having - allowing me to talk i'm david i'm a native san franciscan. i live with my family in effort hills a i have a b.a. from pennsylvania. my father was a ph.d. chemist and i helped to build the two family business in navel testing in 43 and a animal feed founded in 19051. we commenceed operation july 1st and 1998 we bought vandyke and we bought vandyke and have and began renovating section a and it was completed in 2014. i'm speaking in opposition to a proposal that will be coming to you to create a homeless shelter on jennings street that is next to our navel laboratory. and we have mike traceers and micro biologists. we located on vandyke avenue because it was located for industry. when i decided to have it on the hill my father said it was unacceptable. someone could sue us. the 4r5ish9 used explosive chemicals. i've dmrutd a packet of information a listing of all the chemicals we have under our housing management plan dated july 2012. we've never had a sorr
Nov 15, 2013 8:30pm PST
resident. i'm here to talk about a rezoning project. this legislation will be for a special use district it will come from the mayor's office and the department of human services and will be designed to 2115 germans as housing. the idea hero is to use a $1 million grant to house homeless. this location was chosen hurriedly. the organization that hopes to get the shelter already has a restaurant adjacent and much of the community believes this was chosen to reduce the consolidation for that contract. i'm going to speak about a specific issue and that's seismic hazard. when the p dr map was designed a portion of the map related to discuss macro was fashioned on the zones. you can see on the left hand in green and on the right hand a map of p dr and the area was designed in part to useless those areas which are unsafe for housing. the planning department conducted a large and to her assessments and decided what doess. to keep the housing out. it would be disagrees to house one hundred indistrict folks. just because someone has a $100 million grant. people ask if a one hundred million dollar
Nov 19, 2013 5:30pm PST
keep the u.s. in afghanistan for ten years or more. >>> sounding a warning. from the faa, about what they see as a growing danger to modern aviation. >>> and a letter from jackie, seen for the first time, written to another woman who lost her husband to oswald's bullets that day in dallas, tonight, she shares her memory with tom brokaw. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. it was bad enough that a lot of bad behavior by big banks contributed to the great recession a few years back, sinking the finances of so many american families. it all started, of course, with the housing crisis and so many americans have been frustrated that it did not end with stiffer penalties for those who caused it. very few have paid any price at all for what went on. that changed in a big way today as jpmorgan has agreed to pay $13 billion to the federal government. that's the most money any company has ever paid to the feds. we begin there tonight with our justice correspondent, pete williams, at the justice department for us tonight. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. and just t
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 4:00am EST
with us. being with us. i'm joie chen. i'm joie chen. as we begin this holiday most as we begin this holiday most closely associated with closely associated with celebration, with abundance and celebration, with abundance and even excess, it might be a even excess, it might be a little unfair of us to ask you little unfair of us to ask you to stop and consider the worry to stop and consider the worry and the anxiety of many american and the anxiety of many american families on the periphery of the families on the periphery of the economic safety net. economic safety net. but it is an important moment we but it is an important moment we believe to think about the believe to think about the growing need of the many growing need of the many americans who are faced every americans who are faced every day with a choice between paying day with a choice between paying basic bills or feeding their basic bills or feeding their families. families. what do you do when you can't what do you do when you can't fill the fridge, when you're not fill the fridge, when you're not sure how you feed
FOX Business
Nov 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
the latest for us. >> john kry made a last-minute arrivaln geneva and gave us the impression that a deal with iran was imminent. but john kerry was also joined by hs fellow european ministers put brakes on the buzz. >> we hope to try to know and narrow those differences. but i don'think that anyone shoud mistake that there are some mportant gaps that have to be close. inhe meantime, benjamin netanyahu wasn't hiding his disdain for the as yet to be concluded deal of. >> this is a bad deal. a very, very bad deal. it is a very dangerous and bad deal the details which remain secret boil down to how much iran will make its program were transparent and how much the world powers and windows must loosen the sanctions. iran's foreign minister has ben saying he has his own tea party to go at home in the obama administration faces sanctions either to add rrther than subtractanctions on iran. meanwhile, in iran, president ronnie was elected to improve relations with the world and they are very few people authorized to discuss the sensitive nuclear issue. but one academic at this late today. >> and t
FOX Business
Nov 7, 2013 1:00pm EST
the whole sector until they mature a little bit. rather be late and make money or be early and to use a lot. adam: i think that device shows that those who wait could have better gains. thank you very much. lori: now that has been trading a couple hours have to the underwriters feel? we will bring it in charlie gasparino. it suggests that money was left on the table? >> they were shooting at a $40 for the open but the looking at the intraday charge is interesting because it suggested opened at 45 but it really all bin dash 499 it has been down ever since. the underwriters want the price any retail or average investor that said this is playing with fire because you will not get a 45 or definitely not at 27 or 26 per you will get it at 48 and it is straight down ever since. that is the problem with the average investor playing the ipo game. i will say it again for the opening printed is important because that is what the little guy is stuck with and you don't get any shares but we should point out the amount of shares is outstanding is so small. that is a problem i think the underwriters did
Nov 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
mainly on our roads in the bay area. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. nightly news is next. d rain and soon high winds across enough of the country to screw up travel across the country. and already it's a tough go for millions on the move for thanksgiving. >>> birth control battle. the fight over obama care and religious freedom. it's headed to the supreme court. >>> double agents. tonight a secret government plan exposed. how the u.s. turned guantanamo bay prisoners into spies and turned them loose. >>> and a few good men and how they are changing a thanksgiving tradition forever. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. it is already tonight a storm that stretches from the southern tip of florida up to nova scotia, and at its core, which is a moving target right now, it's dumping a ton of misery on several states. the timing of this storm could not be worse because of what it does on the ground and in the air to the business of getting around. 700 flight delays already, and this storm is just getting started. the satellite picture of the nation from space shows the expa
Al Jazeera America
Nov 26, 2013 5:30pm EST
american trend. in the last decade the number of prisoners has grown an astonishing 75%. the u.s. took a tough on crime approach. and the older a prisoner is the bigger financial drain they pose. an older inmate play cost about $75,000 a year to lock up. two to three times more than younger inmates. older inmates suffer functional diseases, major diseases and mental illness. >> my world wears white in a day of black fleet. it holds bitter cold with its pal e purple teeth. wanting more more more. >> correctional center is oklahoma's largest women's prison. this state incarcerates more women, reading or writing poetry than they are but they're also convicted killers. >> smile with your broken teeth mourning in the morning to nothing but death, you bet we'll reap and it won'ting wedding white. >> i don't have a choice of what i eat. it would either kill or be killed. >> and now, a techknow minute... >> something is killing america's bee population. >> what happened to this bee? >> scientists aren't sure what but beekeepers are reporting dramatic declines of 65% this year. >> the losses a
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 11:00am EST
, nicole. connell: 82,000 is capacity at metlife stadium as a use that illustration to talk about obamacare and this fiasco. the numbers that are out show you can only 40,000-50,000 people have actually enrolled as of last week. well below the administration target, which was 500,000 people. dagen: half a million people. steve forbes here to make sense of all of this. chairman of forbes media. ready to weigh in. do these numbers surprise you, steve, at all? >> no. even those numbers are slightly exaggerated. the reports that it is the equivalent if you put your policy in effect in the card but you haven't bought it, they're counting it as a sale and the private sector cannot do that. so even those numbers are exaggerated and that is why the administration is going to have a big push to expand medicare as a way of getting around the exchange snafu. connell: no way they're getting toward the 7 million this spring. >> they're going to have to do something. the way they're going to do it is medicare. those that have not signed up for expanding medicare are being inhumane by not doing it, so the
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm EST
exposed. how the u.s. turned guantanamo bay prisoners into spies and turned them loose. >>> and a few good men and how they are changing a thanksgiving tradition forever. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. it is already tonight a storm that stretches from the southern tip of florida up to nova scotia, and at its core, which is a moving target right now, it's dumping a ton of misery on several states. the timing of this storm could not be worse because of what it does on the ground and in the air to the business of getting around. 700 flight delays already, and this storm is just getting started. the satellite picture of the nation from space shows the expanse of it. tomorrow is the busiest travel day of tea 43 million americans on the move. and while the storm is churning in the eastern part of the country, its effects, of course, will be felt all over. it's where we begin our coverage again tonight. nbc's tom costello is out in it in pittsburgh tonight. good evening. >> reporter: hi,
FOX Business
Nov 21, 2013 1:00pm EST
us to enter your money questions. lori: a rally underway. let's head to the stock exchange for a check in with nicole petallides. the s&p looking to snap three days of decline. nicole: the dow is doing great, the s&p 500 holding up. we will see if we can stop the recent declines we've seen, we had uncertainty, back and forth action. the dow went over the line 37 times yesterday. right now 15,974, crossing the 16,000 mark and not sure we have a closing a again, closing record and that will lead the 40th record of the year. let's talk about retailers here, dollar tree and target. these names and down arrows and dollar tree miss their quarterly numbers for the estimates and shares of been dropping, intense competition from wal-mart and the light and target talks about consumers, higher taxes, unemployment, really looking to the gradual economy as one of the reasons they're not meeting their profits. adam: following breaking news in the senate voting to adopt the so-called nuclear option, changing the rules when it comes to filibuster. rich edson in washington with how this cou
Al Jazeera America
Nov 26, 2013 3:30am EST
". >> this is "real money" you are the most important part of the show. join your live conversation on twitter using the handle@aj real money. >> a historic deal for iran could mean relief for americans filling up at the pump. the price prices have fallen slightly. despite the fact that know no additional iranian crude has hit the market as a result of the deal. iran's markets are the fifth in the world. any let up in the sanctions will boost supply and push prices lower in the coming months. iran's oil exports have fallen to a half to just a million barrels aday since the sanctions took a bite in early 2012. that is when the u.s. put in restrictions on payments that made it hard for iran to sell it's oil. despite the sanctions iran kept pumping oil and it's stored around the world it's oil that no one will purchase at the moment. if all goes well with ey iran wh the negotiations with the u.s. an others sanctions could be reduced if that happens a lot of oil will come on line. the question for americans is how does this affect the price they pay for gasoline . the national average is up seven cents
Nov 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
morning when when when when when when. the rta that election day twenty thirty hear us from new york city to miami beach unconventional candidates are shaking up the usual red vs blue politics in depth coverage of today's elections. just ahead and in washington state there's a major vote on labeling gmo foods. this initiative passes it would force biotech manufacturers to disclose the use of genetically modified crops more on a boat for greater transparency coming up. not in colorado there's an initiative to divide the state's eleven counties in northeast colorado will vote on whether or not to secede. so were the chances of a fifty first state to play more later in the show i am. it's tuesday but work with five pm in washington dc and said saxon you're watching our tea. then we began with election day twenty thirty. that's right political junkies around the country can rejoice because big name elections are just reserved for even numbered years. they happen on aud never yours too. so let's take a look at the map the new jersey and in virginia voters head to the polls to elect a
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 5:30pm EST
place on the face of the earth. place on the face of the earth. europe looks at us like we don't europe looks at us like we don't know what we're doing - looks at know what we're doing - looks at us like we're crazy. us like we're crazy. >> open nine. >> open nine. >> in this special >> in this special investigation, fault lines gains investigation, fault lines gains unprecedented and exclusive unprecedented and exclusive access to prisons across the access to prisons across the united states and discovers a united states and discovers a booming population of elderly booming population of elderly inmates. inmates. we ask: what's the we ask: what's the true cost of america's true cost of america's "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- key" approach to justice? key" approach to justice? >> i heard him fall. >> i heard him fall. >> inmates call this the death >> inmates call this the death house. house. the geriatric unit at the joseph the geriatric unit at the joseph harp correctional center in harp correctional center in lexington, oklahoma, holds more lexington
Al Jazeera America
Nov 8, 2013 1:00pm EST
program. now the meeting is in its second day. but the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is warning, there isn't a deal on the table yet. >> i want to emphasize there is not an agreement at this point in time. but the p5 is working hard, and i look forward to the meetings that i will be having very shortly with -- with lady kathy ashton, and with my fellow ministers in the p5 and also i will be meeting with minister zarif. we hope to try to narrow the differences but i don't think anybody should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be closed. so thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> we have correspondent covering all angles of this story. first let's first go to geneva where james bays is reporting for us. now, james, a lot of -- i beg your pardon, senior foreign ministers are there in geneva. there's a lot of talk. john kerry, very cautious at the moment. is there any hope of any sort of a deal coming out of this meeting? >> there certainly hope of a deal, i don't think he would bring these four foreign ministers here to personally take charge of the negotiati
Al Jazeera America
Nov 19, 2013 6:00am EST
for hundreds of residents standing in front of debris where they used to live. >> it's just hard to believe. it's almost like can i wake up now? it's almost like a nightmare. >> reporter: on monday survivors of sunday's tornados and heavy storms which ravaged communities in 12 states returned to washington, illinois to scrape up what they could and figure out what is next. >> my neighbor found my daughter's journal she kept as a kid. so we will be looking for bits and pieces today. >> reporter: the five-mile wide twister that cut through washington is dozens reported in illinois slamming into dozens of communities like where an elderly brother and sitter were killed and relatives are coping with the loss of their home and that of their loved ones. >> we were planning on a thanksgiving down here and amy bought the turkey and uncle joe was going to fry a turkey down here and all looking forward to that. >> reporter: the southern illinois city of brook port suffered its share of loss as well, 50 homes were levelled or gone entirely. and an effort all night search and rescue of three fatalities a
Nov 15, 2013 4:00pm EST
really wants to test 1800. it took 1800 on the s&p. it took us right there to 1798. you can feel the excitement, can you feel the momentum building, right? it wants to at least test it and see whether or not we're hitting real resistance. after the testimony yesterday, people are now -- bob said, it you said it, people are sure nothing is happening well into 2014. rates are low. this is the game in town. time to get in and stay in. >> stephanie, is that what you want to do here despite the big move upwards in the last six months? >> we have been putting money in over the last couple of months, but i think you definitely want to take profits when you have them. this week we sold some ford, we sold om aig, we sold a couple of different positions we made money in. but i do think whether or not the market goes higher, i think you'll continue to see a rotation into groups that benefit from the eventual taper. i actually think we'll see a taper some time in the first quarter because i think the economic data has been okay. and i think it's going to get better. it really -- we didn't re
FOX News
Nov 11, 2013 3:00am PST
'm elisabeth hasselbeck. 10,000 people are feared dead after a typhoon in the philippines. -l this morning u.s. troops are on the ground henning piece together the damage. where is the storm headed next? stay here for details. >> days after a second-term winner, new jersey governor chris christie goes on an all-out media blitz slamming the obamacare debacle. >> anybody who has run anything in their lives could see this coming a mile away. >> more on the jersey governor's advice for the white house. like they'll listen. >> miley cyrus sparking more controversy at another awards show. >> you know, i couldn't put this award in my bag, but i did find this. so thank you guys very much. >> how her latest performance goes up in smoke. "fox & friends," new week, special day starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what a treat on this veterans day morning. you're waking up to the hell cats. it's an ensemble of buglers and drummers from the west point band. >> some of our favorite people from one of our favorite places on one of our favorite dates, to honor those who served this great nation. >> the official nat
FOX News
Oct 31, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of this year. >> it's not fair. >> i'm angry. you are killing us. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> welcome to "hannity" tonight. since it's halloween we asked you the to send your obama care horror stories. there are many of them. ainsley from fox & friends, standing by. >> we are reading some of the tweets tonight. you just heard the president say if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. listen to debbie's tweet. debbie glosser says my in-laws lost their doctor of 18 years because of obama care. doctor said he would be breaking the law if he treated them. they were not able to keep their doctor. the president said if you like your health care plan you can keep your plan. listen to this. was dropped by anthem blue cross in colorado. don't know if i can keep my dock the tor. was planning to add my husband to my policy. can't afford it now because of the high premiums. one can't keep their doctor. one can't keep their health care plan and may not be able to keep their doctor. >> the volume, i have been looking at it all day, we have
FOX Business
Nov 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
affirmation in everyone's information who uses the service. >> absolutely. it is a huge overreach on the subpoena, not narrowly targeted at slumlords or what have you. indeed, anyone who has access the site once that information, clear intimidation and tremendously unfortunate because this is a product that is filling a market demand. gerri: the folks are fighting back saying it is an unfounded fishing expedition. what is more, they are saying that the government is really going after money throwing away the kinds of money that comes into this city because of air bnd. keeping these guys even really understand the economics of this and now works? >> i don't think they think too much about it. they can get headlines and now lobbied by their special interest. they think that this is something that they can be populist about. really it is a lot of people who want to visit new york and other cities with battering control laws that cannot afford to stay there and this is a way to bring in tourists. gerri: apparently there is some kind of law on the books that you cannot lease your place
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
, but it hit us here in fox business. where to the mad dash to cap taxes? to cato institute senior fellow dan mitchell, on this swiss miss. >> i predict that the swiss people will reject this ref run referendum, in 2001 they imposed a cap on spending that served them well, this initiative, promoted by the left wing party, i think will go down in flames. why? because the swiss people know they are doing much better in terms of their economy be that the high tax countries like -- than the high tax countries like france, and greece and italy. when it comes time to vote, they will realize, don't ruin a good thing. neil: you would think. a lot of liberal are not great at math, realizing the big return you get from having a competitive economy, a lot of u.s. firms have congregated there and started opening up shop in switzerland, they don't want to chase that away. but some social democrats in switzerland say it is not worth. surely the swiss population must see that is screwy. >> this is why i predict this will be defeated. switzerland is the fourth freest economy in the world, they attract a lot
FOX Business
Nov 15, 2013 1:00pm EST
, many consumers, especially those i'm not wanting to build with us. lori: the initial criticisms graven before the website clutch occurred and really put a hurdle -- that was the first problem. it never detraction. and in healthy people, why would they want to sign up now that there were subsidizing older americans with chronic issues. that is a long-term problem. >> it is a significant issue. in the way that was supposed to be addressed was to the individual mandate. although demand is not really strong. the penalties are not mine. in addition to that end of the people having a consumer friendly environment with which to purchase the product will be comfortable doing that. a lot of that has dampened the potential to enroll a lot of young and healthy individuals. i believe at this point they are completely discouraged. lori: how are you and your employees dealing with all of this? and me, it seems you have a new set of rules to contend with each and every day the reader much paperwork, extra labour is required to get this straightened out or a least keep up with the changes? >> it is tr
FOX News
Nov 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
't designed to slow us down. >> i think now more than ever a crisis of uncertainty. >> uncertainty. >> uncertainty. >> things we are certain of aren't so great for small business. >> as a small business owner, i'm used to getting the dirt kicked on me. >> obamacare is probably one of the biggest job killers we have as it relates to business. >> obamacare under employment. >> i sent in 50 more resumes but the only thing i have been able to come up with is this one part-time job. >> i have sent out a couple resume as week and i have been at it. >> hostess as a diner and doing a bunch of part-time jobs until something full time comes up. >> what i would like to see is lower taxes and less regulation. >> the biggest thing that washington can do to help me he is get out of my way. >> still work hard and continue to do great things. >> companies across the nation are open for business, but they are facing an up hill battle from a struggling uncertain economy to the rising cost of obamacare, american businesses are working overtime tom just to stay afloat. how are they overcoming the chal
Nov 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
that develops. that will be with us for the next couple of hours and that will make for a tough drive. we'll have more coming up in about ten minutes. >> thank you steve. >>> the wet weather has made for a difficult commute including a fallen tree in san francisco that interfered with the hyde street cable car line. there have been weather-related accidents and traffic backups on both sides of the bay. pg&e is working on scattered outages. at last check, 100 customers were -- 11 customers were without -- 1100 customers were without power. classes have been canceled at the silver creek high school because of the power outage. there were signs held up for those who didn't get a phone message. >> we came into school early on, we found out that there's no power at school. we got initial report from pg&e that we would have power back up by 9:00 a.m. we were hoping to still have school. just at a modified late start time. >> power should be restored about now but school won't resume until tomorrow. crews discovered the problem was due to a damaged underground cable. it's not clear if that's con
Nov 25, 2013 6:00am EST
international correspondent will join us with more on this story in just about 30 minutes. then we'll be talking oil with an energy policy analyst as well. brian, i'll send it over to you. >> becky, thank you very much. it is a big morning here. while we get a check on the broader markets because we have a global melt up. futures indicating a higher open for futures stocks. andrew told you at the top we're on a lucky seven week streak. everything in europe is higher. all the major indexes are on the rise led by germany which is up just under 1%. japan continues to rock. they're leading the way in asia this morning. the nikkei 2.25. they are now up 50% year to date. china not participating. the hang seng and the shanghai down. 10 year treasury note still hovering around 2.75%. the yield is up. the bond is down. the dollar is little changed against the euro. about $1.35 per euro. and gold down 1%. guys, the story is certainly the stock market weakening. japan continues to kick tail. good year. >> becky quick tweeting at 4:00 a.m. this morning? >> i'm not sure. >> it was early. well, a line from a
Nov 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
the rescue with andrew stephens and i asked him to walk us through what happened. here's what he said. >> trapped in one of the hotel rooms. screaming desperately and smashing the glass windows in a desperate attempt to get out. one of my colleagues went out there trying to face another colleague. managed to get a mattress, i think, to float to get a family out. it included people who could not get out by themselves. >> cnn i-reporters continue to send us images of the typhoon. we have several videos from the city. the river is swollen by heavy rains. it turned into a raging and murky mess flooding parts of the city. look at that video. unbelievable. here is another view of the river. the residents brave the aftermath and see the floodwaters from a bridge overhead. one more view where heavy surf and huge waves slammed the coastline. we continue on with this story now. the pictures we are seeing on the ground show the destruction the typhoon left behind. the scale is most apparent from another angle. take a look at this photo, the killer storm as seen from space. this picture was tweet
Nov 11, 2013 2:00pm PST
notices on their health insurance. take a look at this. >> stephen curry joins us from chicago. kay joiner is in atlanta. they're both businessmen who have lost their health care plans. >> my out of pocket for my family is $3500. and everything else is paid at 100%. the closest thing i could find that's comparable, as they say, was a $12,000 out of pocket for my family. so there's a huge difference in there. and i looked through all the different plans. >> i had my policy in affordable care act for over three-and-a-half years and received a letter stating temperatures going to be cancelled. i called around and found out the same policy would cost me almost $500 a month and i found that not acceptable. i'm a small business owner. i have eight employees. i have to make a payroll every week and that sort of increase is hard to manage. >> now, let me give you the entire story. these two guys, they have clear agendas. let's take the guy on the left. we have here now steven curry, certified financial planner. but hidden at the bottom of his bio is the real reason he appeared on fox news sunday.
Nov 12, 2013 10:00am PST
by foot. now, the u.s., of course, is at the forefront of the international efforts. u.s. george washington is steaming towards the philippines. eighty aircraft on board, 5,000 personnel. it will get here on thursday. already 200 marines are on the ground assessing the needs and helping get some of that aid in. now, the death toll continues to be speculative. the president aquino gave an interview a short while ago in which he said he now expected it to top out around two and a half thousand. he said the 10,000 we had seen quoted was as he put it an emotional official in the immediate aftermath of the typhoon. but clearly with half a million people displaced, the needs here are urgent and very great. as of yet the aid is not getting in and the quantities needed andrea. >> the center of the distribution efforts, the typhoon stripped hospitals of sources they needed desperately to treat ill and urged. dr. nancy snyderman visited a struggling hospital in hard hit tacloban. >> we tried our best but these are difficult times. >> dr. francis continues to treat the people of tacloban in
Nov 10, 2013 7:30pm EST
good for seven up to the 35. >> solomon: what did they tell us about case keenum? very effective, he can make plays off schedule when things break down. >> kevin: third and three. keenum deep, out of bounds for johnson. coverage by peterson. fourth and three. all comes down to this. now this cardinals defense we've talked about up to them to make a play. j.j. watts can do nothing but look on along with a lot of other houston texans. keenum. knocked away by powers, it -- pressure up the middle by darnell dockett. and on downs the cardinals will take over. it's exactly what you have to do. dockett comes around here you've got to put pressure on young quarterbacks, make them have to speed up their decision-making process make throws under pressure. pressure up front leads to good coverage on the back end. they went for hopkins, good coverage on the back ends of the defense. >> kevin: houston is out of timeouts. keenum walks to the sideline, discouraged wide phillips, discouraged gary kayak watching back in stay stop arizona cardinals are going to win their second consecutive game they h
Nov 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
the reader how good politics still can be. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. "60 minutes" had all weekend to prepare for its big apology and clarification, and most importantly, explanation of how it put a dodgy eyewitness on the air with a now discredited story about the attacks on americans in benghazi, libya. but when viewers tuned in last night, they did get an apology, but that was about it. the legendary cbs news show, "60 minutes," is in damage control mode in a way it hasn't been in almost a decade. >> tonight, you'll hear for the first time from a security officer who witnessed the attack. >> on october 27th, it broadcast a report on benghazi, using a so-called eyewitness, suggesting the u.s. government could have sent backup to the besieged u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, during the attack that killed four americans last year. >> one guy saw me. he just shouted. i couldn't believe that he had seen me because it was so dark. he started walking towards me. >> and a
Nov 1, 2013 1:00pm EDT
was at the airport at lax when this shooting occurred. nick, are you joining us? >> yeah, i'm here. >> you can tell us what you saw? >> yeah, i was in the virgin america terminal waiting in line for security on the upper mezzanine, and we were just standing there in line and somebody started shooting. sounded like either a .44 or some big caliber gun or shotgun, and it was within 15 feet of where i was standing and it seemed like they were shooting away from where i was. i couldn't really see the shooter, i guess, but it was very close in terms of the sound and people standing then running. >> nick, where was this in relation to airport security and the check-in, did this person, the shots that were fired, did this come from a place that was beyond the security checkpoint? >> from what i -- no, from what i can tell, it seemed like -- i had just been dropped off by my wife at the main entrance where the cars are pulling up and i went up the escalator and there's an upper maez demeezzane you wait in line for security check-in and i was outside and the shooter was downstairs i guess where the car had
Nov 12, 2013 7:00pm PST
have done, whether he would have gotten us out or in deeper. >> i've got to leave it there. best of luck on the next project. anderson cooper reports live from the phillipines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper live from tacloban airport in the philippines where five days after typhoon haiyan desperation has set in there is little food, little water, and many, many people in need. many people are trying to get out of here, out of the airport. there are scenes of people lining up all around me. they've been lining up here all night long. they just wait at the airport. they frankly have nowhere else to go. because out there on the other side of the camera is what remains of tacloban and it is not a pretty sight. dead bodies laying out near the wreckage of people's homes. people sleeping out in the streets with little food, little water, and few answers, frankly, about the relief effort. we're going to try to get answers over the course of the next hour. i just want to bring you up to date on all we have seen in the last 24 hours. >> it's been five days since supertyph
Al Jazeera America
Nov 29, 2013 2:30am EST
there is study after academic study that shows that the use of study that shows that the use of native american mass cots native american mass cots actually allows the dominant actually allows the dominant culture to turn a blind eye to culture to turn a blind eye to the very problems on the res the very problems on the res that regina that regina describes. describes. the taking on the taking on the poverty that the poverty that she is describing and then the she is describing and then the last point if i could the last last point if i could the last thing i should say is regina thing i should say is regina said something profoundly said something profoundly offensive. offensive. there are tribal council to there are tribal council to tribal council from the choctaw tribal council from the choctaw to the american indian to the american indian movement, movement, who oppose the name, is who oppose the name, is profoundingly misleading for profoundingly misleading for your audience. your audience. >> but suzanne is saying the >> but suzanne is saying the same thing. same thing. regina go ahead a
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
is the law of the land, we will try to offer real solutions that you can use. and that his efforts might "willis report", thank you for joining us and have a great night, we wi >> that is so true. states could have an additional background check and other features, but it is not part of the federal requirement. >> secretary kathleen sebelius also acknowledge that the early enrollment figures for obamacare which are scheduled to be released next week will be very low. fox news tonight reporting a relatively new provision in obamacare, opening up the medicaid program to even more. that according to a former medicaid director who is raising concerns about section 2202 of the affordable care act. he says that section expands hospital used of the honor system when caring for the uninsured who then claimed that they fall into certain medicaid categories. if it is later found that the patient does not qualify for public assistance, the state is then responsible and then bistate we mean taxpayers. today marks the anniversary of president obama's reelection. but the white house still has li
FOX Business
Nov 18, 2013 8:00pm EST
's that are next. wal-mart u.s. is here. i'm only here. thank you for coming, it's great to have you. >> thank you, it's great to be with you. speak you explain these promotions and who you target with those. >> i would be happy to. this is a great opportunity for us to talk about how proud we are of jobs and retail and today, for example, town halls and three cities across the country, we called them together to what amounts to a regular conversation that we have with our associates and each of them had applied and we brought them together and they found out that they had been promoting it. >> when you say that, you mean above of imposition and paid? >> position, responsibility and pay, about 40% of them in the first year, and you know, forecastle of working for them so much that we have 300,000 that have been with us more than 10 years and we are proud of our jobs and proud of our people and we want the opportunity to talk about that. >> a disproportionate number of those workers zealously volunteer. it doesn't get much coverage. so what is it doesn't get much coverage. so what is the draw for t
Nov 13, 2013 4:00am PST
the eastern u.s., the weather is cold. >> unseasonably cold. check out the map right now, showing readings we're more used to seeing in late december, as opposed to mid-november. it's something of a rude awakening this morning across the southeast. the first snow flurries of the season in raleigh, north carolina. >> the kids love the snow. and they're getting ready to go on the buses. they were very, very excited. just a few flakes start falling. and they were just ecstatic. >> reporter: they better dress warm this morning. low temperatures will be in the 20s. stretching all the way from near the gulf coast to western texas. further north, the extreme cold is replacing a lot more snow. parts of michigan are dealing with over a foot. that was more than enough to put a smile on some adorable faces. but it was trouble for drivers. not quite ready for the winter-like conditions. >> a little early in the year for this. but it is what it is. >> reporter: police in buffalo, new york, are blaming black ice for a 20-car pileup that shut down a highway for hours. luckily, this autumn blast of arctic we
Nov 11, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> this morning a team of u.s. officials brought water and supplies to the hardest hit areas. some store owners are using weaponing to fight off looters. >> days after the haiyan slam into the philippines with terrifying force, survivors are desperate. >> we want water and medicine for the injured. we just need your help. >> reporter: fierce winds and heavy rain the monster storm barrelled through the islands friday destroying nearly everything in its path. but it was the wall of water more than ten feet high that proved most deadly. men, women, and small children were sent fleeing for higher ground. at this hotel in the hard hit area, a team of american storm chasers became rescuers usinge mattresses to help elderly in the waters. the storm damage is tsunami like, power and out residents displaced, entire communities flattened. >> the devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's horrific. >> reporter: survivors walked through the streets covering their noses to mask the smell of dead bodies. >> we don't have water anymore. we don't have food. i'm glad we're st
Nov 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
find your paradise >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. let's talk about virginia. it's women's rights, it's voting rights, it's health care. in fact, cuccinelli says this is a referendum on obama care. really? and he is scared about obama care. of course, the state opted out of it, so it's the federal exchange that scares the hell out of him. how about these numbers, 7.8 million people live in the state of virginia, over 1 million don't have insurance, roughly 14% of the population. and ken cuccinelli is afraid that the 14 percenters, they might get helped? oh, yes, we're keeping a close eye on virginia. this race could really be a big set back for the tea party. i mean, when marco rubio goes to stump for this guy and says that the country is watching you, i'll take those odds. the latest poll shows democrat terry mcauliffe beating fringe republican candidate, ken cuccinelli, by six points. the polls, of course, are going to be open until 7:00 tonight, eastern time. get out and vote. >>> cuccinelli has been a vocal opponent of obama care, and he has made
Nov 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
voters are shrinking and the number of younger progressive voters are starting to dominate? you use redistricting to magnify the power of the more conservative whites to keep control of the congress. finally, you obstruct the power of the emerging new majority once elected to even run the government. actually, you do all three of those. welcome to the republican plan for holding power in this country long after they have receded into a minority of the population. gerrymandering and obstruction. an article chronicles all the tricks republicans are using. and a political analyst, let's start with voter suppression. ron, you and i have talked about it. it's rather shameless. it's under the tutelage of the rnc chair. they are basically saying let's make it really hard for older people to vote. let's make it really hard for black people and minorities to vote. let's make it harder for young people to vote. let's make it easier for white people who live in rural areas to vote. >> cynicism and politics have gone together for a long time. but the cynicism in this sort of an effort, and many
Nov 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
if it meant economic catastrophe for the country. today the u.s. stock market reached the highest level in history, and the cruz wing coninjured up the most desperate pl explanation for the loss last night. there's something about any politician that refuses to back anything by the other side and never misses a chance to blame it, even when everybody on the planet sees that it's the cra crazy -- david axelrod is with us. and a senior political analyst, and also msnbc analyst. i think there's something in the character. and it may not all be the right wing. when you have a guy like cuccinelli who from the beginning looked like a problem, somewhat petty corruption around mcdonnell and to blame the people that didn't like him for what he is as the problem. can you imagine the national party supporting a guy opposed to divorce? he would be nothing but trouble if they stuck to him. >> there's one number that they should look at in the exit polling. and that is 21%. that's the margin by which terry mcauliffe beat cuccinelli in moderate voters. you can't win a national election if you're seati
Nov 12, 2013 6:00am EST
-approved for treating thinning hair, as well as the first fda-cleared home-use laser comb. >> hair club also offers, in select areas, the gold standard in hair transplantation -- microscopic follicular unit hair transplants. it natural, permanent, and your transplanted hair is guaranteed to grow mother nature programmed it to. >> we work with our clientele together to determine the best option for them, and we take into consideration age, the extent of their hair loss, and what their expectations are, both in terms of the amount of hair they want, the thickness they want, and how soon they want to have some results. my job is to give them the most natural-looking hair transplant they could possibly have and to see to it that when that person looks in the mirror after his hair grows in, that's the person they want to see. >> when you actually see the hair grow, you're amazed. you're watching it grow day by day from a thinner look to a fuller look till you can do the things that you've always wanted to do with your hair, using different products and styling your hair differently. >> i finally went to
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